Think about the size of the green bird, which is not much bigger than the cicada. Think about it again, it may have fire sand. Think about the amount of primer sand needed to refine the Sumeru condensation tower. Sun Hao feels a bit big.

After three months, Sun Hao is really not sure that he will receive enough weight for refining magic weapons.
It’s not that simple to refine materials in Sumeru condensation tower.
The bluebird is small and powerful.
A small size means that it doesn’t have much cultivation resources.
It’s really leisure for monks who have no cultivation resources and are strong. It’s only when they have leisure that they come to find trouble with them.
Occasionally, there are only one or two special purposes that need to be trained to lead the way. Friars secretly patronize the Qinglan Islands, but they often run away and steal a few Qinglan birds with one shot.
Without the monks, the birds are very good at hunting and breeding.
More than a dozen Lianzhu islands in the entire Qingqi archipelago are all green birds and birds.
Sun Hao’s body slowly fell from it to the sea.
It’s better not to fly high in the sea area of Qingdao Islands, which will become a living target of Qingdao birds.
Many sea areas in Nanyang are forbidden to fly, but Sun Haoke dare not take risks.
Sun Hao, who was floating on the sea, looked indifferently at the direction of Qingqi Islands with a smile on his face, and thought again and carefully filtered his action plan.
Sun Hao doesn’t want to kill people if possible.
But if your own way doesn’t work, Sun Hao will be strong if you have to.
Sun Hao, floating on the sea, smiled brightly at the octopus on his right shoulder. "Xiaozhang, I want to go to the largest island in China. I wonder if you can do anything."
Super cute Xiao Zhang looked at Sun Hao with a pair of big eyes unexpectedly, as if to say, "Do you think I can do anything about my size?"
Corleone is still smiling at the little octopus.
A few tentacles of the little octopus seemed to make a look of me, jumping from Sun Hao’s shoulder and falling into the sea.
When the little octopus fell into the sea, it quickly became bigger and soon became the size of a boat.
The boat showed two big eyes and looked at Sun Hao as if to say "Come on"
Sun Hao smiled and said, "It happens."
You’re welcome to pat the little fire head and jump lightly. Sun Hao fell off the octopus back the size of a boat.
Octopus quickly sank into the sea.
With the octopus sinking into the octopus, it seems that both the small fire and Sun Hao have changed rapidly. In less than a moment, the octopus, the small fire on its back and Sun Hao have all become the same color as the sea water.
If you don’t pay attention to it, even if a monk comes, it’s hard to tell that there will be an octopus, a monk and a fire rat in the sea at this time.
The small fire jumped from Sun Hao’s shoulder, and the small claw patted the octopus curiously, like being tickled. The octopus trembled with one or two eyes and stared at the small fire, which startled the small fire, and then suddenly the octopus suddenly accelerated to fly in the sea.
Sun Hao firmly octopus back did not move.
However, the small fire expected that the octopus’s back fell several times in a row.
A series of bubbles appeared in octopus’s mouth as if laughing.
A small fire became angry from embarrassment and raised its claws to catch octopus, but it suddenly occurred to Sun Hao that he was down to business and angrily shrugged his paws and nose, which seemed to be unwilling to anger and hum a.
Octopus spewed out a series of bubbles again, and the speed rose again, carrying Sun Hao rapidly to the largest island in the middle of Lianzhu Islands.
Sun Haoxian finally confirmed the identity of the little octopus with certainty.
If Sun Hao judges correctly, the little octopus is the overlord of the Shasman Trench, and only with it can it have such strange deformation ability.
You can change your body shape and color according to your own needs, but it must be very large and its color should be pink.
It should be a super cute chapter magnified ten million times.
Super cute little chapter magnified ten million times is not cute but scary.
Overlord chapter is not a white call.
According to Sun Hao’s speculation, the overlord chapter should have fought with the king’s giant eye squid, and as a result, he was seriously injured and hid from the king’s giant eye squid in the jade bottle. He didn’t want to be shunned by the small fire
Jade bottle should treat Bawangzhang’s injury, but it must not catch up with Sun Hao’s dead wood.
Sun Hao, a small octopus wound, threw out three dead wood gods to heal, and Sun Hao was suspicious at that time.
Later, the little octopus was surprisingly heavy on his back, and Sun Hao’s silver body was almost crushed, showing how heavy it was.
The king’s giant-eyed squid was not attracted by Fengyun, but came out of the jade bottle and came after it.
Later, when the little octopus swallowed a large number of beavers, Sun Hao finally determined its identity
Now Sun Haoke is sure that it is the chapter of foot deformation overlord.
The only thing Sun Hao can’t understand is that the strength of the foot-transforming overlord chapter should be no weaker than that of the king’s giant eye squid. I don’t know why it should be hit so hard by the king’s giant eye squid.
Of course, now is not the time to explore this issue.
With the help of the chapter "Overlord of Deformation", Sun Hao has little strength to directly arrive at the largest Qingdao island in the central area and start his own one-step plan.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-six Direct attack on the king of Tai
Qinglan archipelago is a volcanic island, and the volcanic sand is strictly a very strong volcanic ash deposit.
The green fly is a powerful spirit beast, and ordinary volcanic ash roots can’t erode their bodies.
However, the green fly has a long life, and there are still some strange and special components in its long life. Volcanic ash gradually deposits on their bodies to form unique fire sand.
Not every grasshopper has firesand.
Moreover, the size of the green fly is not large, even if there is a fire sand component, it must be very poor.
Sun Hao doesn’t know how many killings he has to make to achieve his goal if he starts to kill the green dragonfly.
Therefore, Sun Hao’s first plan is not to kill the green flag. Killing the green flag is the last resort.
In less than three hours, the foot-deformed overlord Zhang has taken Sun Hao across a large area of sea and arrived near the largest island in the central area.
Full deformation overlord chapter spiritual slowly floating Sun Hao head top sea stopped for a moment.
In this way, Sun Hao is still the same color as the seawater, but he can observe the situation of Qingqi Island through the seawater.
Sun Hao, the king of foot deformation, began to explore the terrain of Qingqi Island.
Qingdao is not particularly big, but it is very high.
The steep cliff goes straight into the sea, and the waves beat against the cliff and dig out the root of the cliff, giving Sun Hao the feeling that one day the cliff will eventually collapse and fall into the sea.
There are many mosses growing on the cliff, and some are not very tall and obliquely inserted into unknown trees
There are some strange nests near the cliff at the root of the tree that look like bird’s nests but are shiny with silver.
Sun Hao’s target bluebird lives in the nest.
The bluebird is small in size, but its strength is not weak. It dominates the base of the bluebird archipelago and has no natural enemies.