After receiving the things, Olga tore two pieces of paper and folded them into Chinese paper containers.

Asked the car crowd again, "is there anyone here who is a virgin or a virgin?" It is best to be a Christian. "
In the face of this embarrassing problem, the school bus people immediately expressed silence.
After the age of this country reaches a certain level, it is still the reason. There are several options and three main ones.
Too ugly, too poor, too religious.
Seeing that no one answered his question, Olga casually comforted, "Don’t be shy. It’s time for you to play ~"
A few seconds later, a boy with glasses looked awkward and raised his hand.
"I am a virgin and my whole family is a Christian …"
Olga’s eyes lit up and he nodded with satisfaction. "It’s good to be a talent like you!"
Then go to the front of each other and say, "Now please reach out at will."
Although I am puzzled in my heart.
But the boy with glasses still held out his hand.
For a moment, he saw Olga holding something at an extremely fast speed and scratched his palm.
Before he could react, some blood instantly flowed out and into the paper container in Olga’s hand.
At this moment, he didn’t feel a pain and immediately looked scared and screamed, clutching his palm.
My emperor!
What have you done! Damn … "
While talking, there was still a lot of bright red blood flowing out of his palm.
Put away the darts in your hand, Olga said calmly.
"Don’t panic. It’s a wound three centimeters long and half a centimeter deep. Just put some alcohol on it …"
Then he said to a stunned teacher next to him, "Don’t you have a medical kit in your car? Give him a bandage. "
In the face of this situation, the teacher’s brain is also somewhat unresponsive, and he has not figured out what Bai Olga wants to do.
A boy with a bad temper and a particularly strong figure can’t help it.
Angry, he got up from his seat and shouted, "What the hell do you want to do?"
Talking at the same time, he stretched out his thick arm and tried to hold Olga down.
One second
Olga, who was shocked by others, was facing a roundhouse kick.
Kick each other in place for five or six times before dancing and falling to the ground.
Depending on struggling to climb up, Olga calmly sat back to his seat. "Don’t make trouble, but I saved your life …"
Say that finish others gaze together.
He squeezed the ink in the pen into the paper container full of blood and shook it evenly. Then the pen sucked the liquid as ink.
Then he remembered to write something.
After a few minutes, I looked at the note, which was like a font printed by a printer. Olga was writing that the cheerleader beside him unconsciously smashed his mouth.
Feeling a little familiar, she asked, "Are you writing the Bible from memory?"
Olga, who was writing something, replied without looking up, "to a certain chapter of the Bible."
It wasn’t long before he came up to the man who had cut off a pair of glasses with the Bible written all over him and ordered
"You recite this side with the most pious attitude."
Just after dressing up the injury, the glasses man was resentful in the face of this sudden order. He immediately wanted to refuse Olga with a little car-scrapping!
But in the face of Olga’s very calm eyes, I looked at someone who still has a backache after getting a roundhouse kick.
Glasses man’s idea has changed. After all, it is not appropriate to care too much in life.
"… okay, I’ll read it."
As the face was constantly reciting glasses, the man’s mentality changed involuntarily, and his look slowly became solemn.
The face is inexplicable and has a solemn feeling, as if you are in a solemn church.
Olga said to Akso, "Now try again. Is there a signal?"
Smell speech Akso looked at the student who was reciting the Bible and dialed the school bus communicator again.
"Zi ~ ~ ~ di … this is Chisso County Police Department. Can I help you?"
A middle-aged male voice appeared with a not-so-long stream.
The car immediately surprised everyone!
Akso said quickly.
"This is the Grint high school basketball team!
Our tires have been damaged!
Now trapped on Highway 9, please come and help us quickly! "
Hearing this, the answering officer of the opposite police station immediately grasped the key information.
"People destroy? ?
Please say the specific situation … "
Before he finished.
One second, an object instantly broke the window of the school bus and plunged directly into the intercom.
Cut off the call immediately!
Faced with this situation, Akso didn’t dare to hesitate. He just threw himself down around the school bus bunker and shouted to others.
Damn it!
Hide quickly! "
The school bus was immediately in chaos, and everyone buried their heads and shrank up.
The capitalist residents are experienced in this respect. After all, there is an anti-terrorism performance every year.
Chapter 353 Eliminate doubts