"This is my teacher’s name is Wei Shang, but he is a master of seven layers of nature." Lin Cangtian didn’t hide it. He told me the origin of Wei Shang without any concealment.

Li Xuandao nodded and invited two people into their seats. He chuckled, "I’m afraid the emperor’s visit to my humble abode is brilliant, but Leng Yuxuan is not dead. He has the sacred body of the gods, even if I crush it, it can’t die so easily. Besides, we have a rule that students at the same school should not be killed. How dare I kill Leng Yuxuan?"
Heard this Lin heaven leng leng.
He almost forgot that Leng Yuxuan is almost immortal.
But he smiled and didn’t put this problem at ease light way; "Li Xiong, you beat Leng Yuxuan this time. Whether Leng Yuxuan is dead or not, you and Leng Jialiang are married, and they are often known for their cunning and cunning. Be careful when Li Xiong goes out by hook or by crook."
Li Xuandao eyebrows a young eyes intentionally swept Lin Cangtian way "thank you for waking up, but I’m afraid it’s not a small matter for the big emperor to hand."
Hear Li Xuandao will cold home revenge as a trivial matter, Lin Cang heavenly heart a slight shock.
What an insolence!
Cold family is one of the four big families in Licheng, and it is even more frightening to be afraid of death in captivity. Even with the four big families, his three big families dare not provoke easily.
However, everyone is in awe of the cold house, and Li Xuandao Gen did not look down.
Lin Heaven has always prided himself on his bravery, but I don’t know that he always feels like a dwarf before Li Xuandao.
"Li Xiong is really quick-witted."
Lin Cangtian smiled awkwardly. "You are right. My coming here is not to wake you up, but to express my goodwill."
Said Lin Cangtian reached into his arms and took out an orange token.
This token is like gold, not like gold, not like iron, not like iron. On the front, there is a bronzing order. Behind it is a lifelike flying sword. Li Xuandao has an illusion that if he dares to attack Lin Cangtian, this flying sword will bounce out of the token and attack himself.
"This is?"
Li Xuandao agent hand pinched a token in the token gripper and did not move.
"This is the dawn of the emperor!"
Lin Cangtian spat out a sigh of relief. "Half a month later, it’s the five masters of Eternal Night Sanctuary and Shenghui College. There is a boy named Lengruye who is cousin Lengyuxuan. Although I am confident in Li Xiong, it’s better to do more preparations."
After a pause, Lin went on to say, "Holding this Dawn Emperor can make the Dawn Emperor Palace walk at will and cultivate the Dawn Lingta. As we all know, the Dawn Emperor Palace occupies the best pulse in Licheng, and the vitality of the Dawn Lingta is dozens of times that of the Xuanhuang Lingta. I believe that with the help of the Dawn Lingta, Li Xiongxiu will surely advance by leaps and bounds."
Hearing this, Li Xuandao’s eyes flashed a golden light
Although he doesn’t know Lin Cangtian’s purpose, it’s not his style not to finish it.
So he bowed his hand and said, "It’s very kind of the emperor. I appreciate Li Dashan. If there is anything in my place in the future, the emperor will tell me that Li Dashan will never refuse."
"Very good!"
See Li Xuandao pack up dawn emperor Lin heaven secretly relieved.
Then he and Wei Shang looked at each other and deliberately whispered, "Brother Li, we are both from the royal family and not outsiders. Now I have a question. Is it convenient to ask your opinion?"
"Big emperor, you are a stranger. Even you say that we are not outsiders. What else can you say?" Li Xuandao corners of the mouth with a faint smile, but his heart sneer at andao get to the point.
as expected
Lin Cangtian’s face turned pale and raised his hand to raise three noise barriers. This was a dignified face. "Brother Li, you know the truth, now that the Queen of Heaven is soaring, she wants to canonize the throne. What do you think of this matter?"
According to Lin Heaven’s thinking, facing his own questioning, Li Xuandao refused to support Ma Loyalty to the public and would definitely avert suspicion, indicating that he was not interested in Taitai.
Unexpectedly, however, Li Xuandao flicked his finger and said, "Do you want to hear me tell the truth, Emperor?"
"Of course"
Lin Cangtian looked surprised and asked, "What do you think of Li Xiong? Feel free to speak up."
"Well, in that case, I’m embarrassed."
Li Xuandao spat and looked cold. "You said that the Queen of Heaven is soaring, but which one of you can prove that the Queen of Heaven is going to soar?"
Hearing this, Lin Heaven’s face changed wildly.
Wei Shang even whispered in the previous step, "Li Gonghao, the Queen of Heaven has crossed the aisle, and the last one will be able to emerge and become immortal. This is a well-known thing. Isn’t it a bit rash for you to ask?"
"Well, since you said I was bold, I’ll ask another question."
Li Xuandao coughed and straightened his face and said, "Then tell me about the masters of the world of Xuan and Huang, such as crouching tiger, hidden dragon, but can anyone emerge and become immortal after the dawn empire was founded five hundred years ago?"
A moment of silence
Lin Cangtian and Wei Shang looked at each other in the eye and felt a very bad feeling.
They really can’t figure out who has emerged and soared in the 500 years since Dawn Empire was founded.
Chapter 1123 Fool the emperor!
Chapter 1123 Fool the emperor!
"Li Gong, you’d better stop beating around the bush. If you have something to say, you’d better come straight to the point." Lin Cangtian was surly and even called Li Gong.
"To tell the truth"
Li Xuandao smiled and laughed. "I met a Du Jie peak power when I was in the boundless state. I once asked him if he refused to feather and soar. Guess what his answer was?"
"How to answer?"
Lin Cangtian and Wei Qi Qi held their breath and pricked up their ears and refused to miss a word.
Li Xuandao coughed and looked dignified. "He personally told me that the heaven and earth have changed greatly now, and people trapped in all beings can feather and soar. I’m sure it’s a big conspiracy for Queen Heaven of Science to say that it’s about to feather and soar."
"What?" Lin Cangtian’s face turned crazy and bloody.
But before he could get hurt, he flatly shouted, "It’s impossible that the female emperor who covered the sky rose two hundred years ago. It’s well known that Li Dashan cheated us. What are you up to?"
"Not bad"
Lin Cangtian instantly reacted and shouted, "It’s a well-known thing that the female emperor covered the sky has soared, but you said that since the dawn empire was founded 500 years ago, people have soared to Li Dashan, and your lie has broken down. How do you explain it now?"
In the face of Wei’s injury and Lin Cangtian’s aggressive eyes, Li Xuandao looked extremely cold
He flicked his fingers and said, "Yes, it’s well known that the female emperor covered the sky has soared, but which one of you can prove that the female emperor covered the sky … has it really soared?" If she really flies to the celestial dawn empire, do you deliberately hide the news of her soaring? "
"This …"
Wei hurt face hesitate turned and looked at Lin Cangtian a pair of awkward.
This matter involves the secret of Shuguang Emperor Palace and the whole Shuguang Empire, and he dare not speak without permission.
However, Lin Cangtian vomitted a sigh of relief and said coldly, "Li Xiong, you are a member of the royal family. It’s also a hindrance to tell you these news. It’s a shock to those demons in East China to hide the news of the rising of the Heavenly Queen, but I’m sure that the Heavenly Queen has really risen."