Another Taoist rhyme of the emperor was cut into two parts by scissors, and then the red seal fell into the sky and the fire world burned to ashes!

The reincarnation of Tianmen crashed into another statue of the Heavenly Emperor, which was crushed into slag on the spot and disappeared!
Even if the Heaven Emperor Daoyun is in two places at once, Su Ying, the king of God, is also vulnerable. Su Ying will smash a few moments and kill more than half of them!
However, the Nine Emperors’ Map is obviously a wonderful treasure, and the broken Taoist rhyme is constantly absorbed, and another statue of the Heavenly Emperors appears, and the continuous siege of Su Ying continues.
"This little unexpectedly so fierce! I don’t believe he will be stronger than me! "
Emperor Feather was surprised and angry. The Nine Emperors’ Map is the realm of the Heavenly Emperor and the King of God. When the magic weapon was personally refined to seal its nine realms, the nine avatars were stronger than each other. However, even such a strong avatar was unexpectedly vulnerable in Su Ying’s hands and was shattered one after another, which completely wiped out the power of the Nine Emperors’ Map.
Breathing the big doppelganger of the Heavenly Emperor was slaughtered by Su Ying. Even the peak doppelganger of the Heavenly Emperor and the King of God didn’t compete. After several moves, Su Ying smashed it into slag!
"Give me the strongest member!"
Emperor feather bites the tip of his tongue and spits out a mouthful of JingXie. See the last statue of the Emperor in the Nine Emperors’ Figure. His body shaking is completely prompted by him to walk away from the picture.
This is the peak of the deity of the heavens, second only to the deity. Just after coming out of the painting, the pressure on Su Ying made him feel creepy, just like facing the real deity!
Su Ying is the first time to see a magic weapon that can be earth to such an extent that it can play the role of God King!
The Heavenly Emperor’s statue of two places at once just appeared. Suddenly, a statue of indomitable spirit fiend suddenly appeared in front of him. I don’t know how many fists were flying in front of him, and at the same time, I bombarded the statue of Tao Yun’s two places at once!
"Di Yu, I just said that I moved the Ministry, but I didn’t say that I moved it!"
Su Ying laughed and danced to control the incarnation of the great demon ancestor. Like a storm, Su Ying bombarded the strongest member of the emperor and beat the member unprepared.
At the same time, his head suddenly appeared mixed yuan action, and the golden light was like a sword, constantly brushing off the rhyme of the statue.
The Heavenly Emperor Zun, the strongest Taoist rhyme member, was in danger as soon as he appeared. However, his ancestor was neck and neck with the fiend, and the attack range was too fast for people to see. Even the Heavenly Emperor’s strongest Taoist rhyme member could cope with it for a while.
Mixed Yuan Jin Dou is even more a golden brush for the Heavenly Emperor to build a magic weapon, which constantly cuts off the thick rhyme of the deities, making him decline!
Su Ying’s efforts at this moment have to face his worship of Taoism and rhyme to attack Yushu, the gate, the big demon, and the golden bucket. It’s like turning over a pot of boiling water, glow, purple gas, magic gas and golden light, and all kinds of sounds are pouring out, such as Buddha’s sound, magic sound, fairy sound, celestial sound, roar, roar, impact and so on. The scene is magnificent!
The deities of the heavens, a statue of Taoist rhyme, have been ground to pieces, and they are getting weaker and more vulnerable from the nine deities!
Emperor Zun’s strongest Taoist rhyme member was finally able to withstand the siege of the great demon ancestor and the mixed yuan Jin Dou. He was cut off by the Jin Dou, and then he was caught by the great demon ancestor and torn apart. Then Jin Dou’s golden brush brushed all the rhymes into the bucket!
When the Nine Emperors map the realm of the Emperor and the King of God, the refining of the King of God was finally unbearable for Su Ying’s strength. A few pieces of paper were flying all over the sky!
Emperor Yu was so frightened in his heart that he hurried to fly, and then he took a punch and smashed his virtual figure and disappeared from the virtual hole to escape. "Su is not that I am not as good as you, but that you have too many treasures, and it is your death to have magic weapons to help me get my father’s treasures and improve my mental method!"
As soon as he left his front foot, Su Ying suddenly stepped in with a punch and disappeared almost at the same time!
"Emperor feather you can escape from me? Come out for me! "
Wan Li’s virtual reality suddenly oscillated, and there was a huge palm print. The virtual five fingers were so clear that even the fingerprints could be clearly seen. Then more palm prints appeared, which were densely printed and abruptly raised in the virtual reality. It seemed that some people in the virtual reality would be deformed if they fought violently!
This strange sight spread for dozens of miles, and finally the celestial virtual method suffered too much energy, and the emperor feather figure bounced high from the broken virtual, vomiting blood and disheveled manners, and quickly roared and fled again.
Then Su Ying’s figure flashed and disappeared again, and she went after him in vain.
It took a long time for the virtual deformation and distortion behind them to slowly return to its original state, which shows that the two men just had a bitter fight!
Wan Li’s external virtual shock again. This time, it is more violent than before. In the middle of the day, a huge face suddenly appeared. The emperor’s feather looks exactly the same as a mold. It seems that someone in the depths of the virtual has seized the emperor’s feather head as a sledgehammer and severely hammered it!
"It’s the first time I’ve suffered such a big loss. If I survive, I’ll kill all the Sioux in the future!"
"Waste talk big!"
Emperor feather was shocked out again, even more embarrassed than before. His face was covered with blood, and his body staggered and roared. Once again, he tried to escape from the distance and tried to escape from Su Ying, as far away from this deity as possible!
The two men’s figure suddenly disappeared and suddenly appeared in the virtual space, and they quickly traveled through and fought with each other. The tragic emperor feather was repeatedly blasted out of the virtual space by Su Ying, but this person’s tenacity was also amazing. He was still alive and kicking, but Su Ying could still compete.
He is worthy of being the emperor of the heavens, and his qualifications are even worse. Taiyang is a terrible figure!
Su Ying hunted for millions of miles of emperor feather and finally showed fatigue and prestige. He was no longer in rags and disheveled. The jade crown on his head was broken by Su Ying, and his hair hung obliquely, and he vomited blood in his mouth.
"Di Yu, are you exhausted now?"
Sue should hold the world tree and brush thousands of branches, and severely smoke the emperor’s feathers, and smoke the emperor tens of thousands of miles and get black and blue all over.
His figure appeared in a flash, and the big feet on the top of the emperor’s head were severely trampled down to crush the emperor’s feathers!
Suddenly, Su Ying felt a stronger crisis than arrival, so he quickly closed his feet and shook his body, and went to see that he had just left his original place. Suddenly, he smashed a fist the size of a hundred miles in Fiona Fang and hammered it hard!
This fist boom will be squeezed into fist-shaped planes. It is an extremely powerful god, Wang Xiangsu, who should make moves!
"God king!"
Su Ying’s eyes flashed with cold light. "I didn’t expect the heavens to keep a statue of the God King to protect his emperor! I don’t know which one of the gods is it? "
The fist hit a miss, and then it was hammered to Su Ying, and Su Ying’s body shot back and flashed continuously. Every time it appeared, the huge fist followed!
Huge fist prints suddenly appeared in Tianhai, followed by Su Ying and went after millions of miles!
Su Ying was soon forced to retreat to the sea eye by this fist and then disappeared into the sea eye in a flash.
"Young players you escape fast! But if you hide in the sea, you can get out and wait for you to die! " There was a rumble in the middle of the fist retraction.
Chapter 132 Sea Eye Pure Land
Su Ying’s figure was completely swallowed up by the sea eye and disappeared. There was a virtual shaking thousands of miles away. Suddenly there was a virtual hole leading to the unknown hole. A deep voice said, "Emperor Yu Su Ying has been forced into the sea by some family, and he will die in his eyes. Please ask the emperor to return to the secret land immediately and be in danger again."
The emperor feather gasped for a few mouthfuls of clothes and strode into the empty hole with pride. "The king of God, you mind your own business and want to kill him?" I have to borrow his hand to hone my mind, and then I will kill him when my mind is great! "