Zhuge clapped his hands on the golden wheel when he was not bright, and sparks were everywhere. The sound of metal trembling pierced people’s eardrums, which seemed to crush people’s gods.
"Hey!" In the blink of an eye, Zhuge slapped hundreds of times, and there was a crack on the golden wheel.
Zhuge Liang punched through the golden wheel before dawn, and shook it with his bare hands, and the golden wheel turned into pieces.
"Hum!" Zhuge threw a mountain of blood with his bare hands and pressed it against the old man. The mountain of blood has the power of thousands of troops.
The old man pushed his hands forward, trying to crush the blood.
"Hey!" The sound of teeth-numbing broken bones sounded, and the old man let out a scream, vomiting blood and flying out, and his arms drooped feebly.
Zhuge Liang manipulated the blood mountain again before dawn, pressing on the old man, trying to crush him completely into a pulp.
At this time, two stunning rainbows came and struck the blood Yamanoe, breaking the mountain of blood and turning it into blood gas to dissipate in the air.
Three old people fell from the sky, like a vast sea of real yuan surging, very strong.
"Eldest brother, second brother, fourth brother" The old man who fell to the ground was pale and his arms were bloody.
"Young players, disturb my fairy phoenix pavilion, you will die! !” An old man’s face turned red and his eyes showed strong murder.
Zhuge’s pupils contracted slightly when he was not bright. These three people, each of whom had the peak of Yuan’s infancy, had great strength.
Three overwhelming forces, such as a vast sea, pressed against Zhuge, and three old men pressed on, and Sen Leng’s murder was still substantial.
"Squeak, squeak, who dares to touch our house?"
A young voice sounded, and when Zhuge was not bright, a blue light flew out and turned into a glittering flying sword more than a foot long.
: Quack quack, your long-awaited little sword spirit has finally awakened. Welcome to the collection and the red ticket.
Chapter 322 Sword Spirit Awakens
The blue light flashed, and the flying sword more than a foot long was suspended above Zhuge’s unlit head, turning into a baby’s size. The whole body is blue and shining with charming brilliance. Although the baby’s body and appearance are born, it has a blue waist and looks ethereal.
"Kid, you’re awake." Zhuge was not happy in his eyes, but at this time, Xiao Jianling, who had been sleeping for more than ten years, finally woke up.
"Bright, I miss you so much." The little sword spirit made a tender voice, and a long blue head fluttered at will.
Compared with Xiao Jianling ten years ago, after this deep sleep, the little guy not only can talk, but also has a great change in appearance.
The spirit of the sword is stronger than before, and the dazzling blue is long and flashing dreamy colors.
"That’s a sword spirit!" An old man in Xianhuang Pavilion was shocked.
"There are two sword spirits in Kyushu. One sword spirit is in Dugu’s house, and the other sword spirit followed Zhuge, a seven-star treasure body, ten years ago. Maybe" the old man on the other side was dumbfounded and looked at Zhuge with consternation.
"You are Zhuge Liang!" The three old men’s voices were full of surprise and disbelief, and they were shocked by the fact that Zhuge was not bright and abnormal just now.
Ten years ago, they saw Zhuge Buliang being hunted by Dugu Helan and entered the Kunlun Wonderland, and they didn’t come out in ten years. Everyone thought that the seven-star treasure body died in Kunlun wonderland.
I never thought that today, ten years later, Zhuge Buliang stood alive in front of them again.
"I clearly wrote down the account ten years ago." Zhuge doesn’t light up, his voice is cold, and the pupils in his eyes turn strangely.
Without too many words, the feud between Xianhuang Pavilion and Zhuge Buliang can not be clearly stated in one sentence.